Current Conditions

Current Observation: Lafayette


Feels Like: 83°
H: 95° L: 77°
Pressure: 29.93
Dewpoint: 76°
Humidity: 90%
Sunrise: 06:35:47 am
Sunset: 07:48:39 pm


Storm Team 15 Forecast

Tonight: 77, Mostly Clear
Tomorrow: 95, Partly Cloudy w/ scattered storms
Sunday: Low:76 High:95 Partly Cloudy

One more day under the current weather regime before things start to change. For you Saturday expect highs once again in the middle 90's for most of us with scattered storms in the afternoon. Come Sunday, a cold front will begin to enter the region. While temperatures stay hot we should see less rain. This drier weather continues into next week where most of us should stay dry for the first half of the week. By Thursday we will have to watch for a low pressure system forming along the frontal boundary in the Gulf. As for right now it just translates to increased rain chances by the end of the week.
As for the Tropics, we now have tropical storm Kyle and Josephine. They both will be heading out to sea so they shouldn't be an issue for the US. Kyle is now the earliest "K" system on record beating out Katrina from 2005.
-Meteorologist Cory Smith

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Daily Forecast


Hi: 95 Low: 77

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms


Hi: 96 Low: 76

Mostly sunny


Hi: 92 Low: 72

Plenty of sun


Hi: 93 Low: 73

Times of sun and clouds


Hi: 92 Low: 72

Mostly sunny


Hi: 90 Low: 71

Afternoon thunderstorms

Hourly Forecast

7 AM79°Sunny10%91%W at 4 mph
8 AM82°Sunny10%85%W at 6 mph
9 AM85°M Sunny10%76%W at 8 mph
10 AM87°P Cloudy20%70%WNW at 9 mph
11 AM89°P Cloudy20%64%WNW at 8 mph
12 PM91°P Cloudy20%60%NW at 7 mph
1 PM92°P Cloudy20%56%NW at 6 mph
2 PM93°Sct T-Storms40%53%NW at 6 mph
3 PM92°Sct T-Storms50%56%NW at 5 mph
4 PM90°Sct T-Storms40%59%NW at 5 mph
5 PM87°Sct T-Storms40%65%W at 4 mph
6 PM85°Sct T-Storms40%69%NNW at 6 mph
7 PM85°M Cloudy20%70%W at 4 mph

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