Current Conditions


Feels Like: 76°
H: 77° L: 51°
Pressure: 30.14
Dewpoint: 59°
Humidity: 57%
Wind: W at 5
Average High: 66
Average Low: 45
Record High: 81
Record Low: 31


Storm Track 15 Forecast


Dense fog will linger through mid-morning before dissipating. Sun and clouds mix through the afternoon as temperatures climb into the upper 70s. No rain is expected today. Later tonight, clouds should break. Fog will reform after midnight as temperatures drop into the lower 50s.

Today: Sun and clouds. Warm. High: 77.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Dense fog forms. Low: 53.

Friday: Afternoon clouds. Warm and breezy. High: 77.

High pressure will shift east over the weekend. Clouds will begin to fill the sky Friday but rain chances stay low. The Cajun's game Saturday should have really nice, but warm, weather. Scattered showers and storms will move through the area along a cold front Monday. The front will bring a brief cold spell for Tuesday before warmer air returns Wednesday. Storms will be likely throughout the day Wednesday.

- Meteorologist Adam Olivier


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Daily Forecast

Mostly cloudy skies. Areas of dense fog developing. Low around 55F. Winds light and variable.
Areas of dense fog early. Overcast. High 76F. Winds light and variable.
Tomorrow night
Partly cloudy. Low 58F. Winds light and variable.
Sunshine along with some cloudy intervals. High 78F. Winds light and variable.
Saturday night
Partly cloudy skies in the evening, then becoming cloudy overnight. Low around 60F. Winds light and variable.
Cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 78F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.
Sunday night
Cloudy skies early followed by thunderstorms late. Low 66F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.
Thunderstorms in the morning, then mainly cloudy late. Morning high of 70F with temps falling to near 55. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%.
Monday night
Cloudy skies. Low 49F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.
Rain showers in the morning with scattered thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon. High 66F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Tuesday night
Thunderstorms. Low around 60F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

Hourly Forecast

TimeTempFeels LikeConditionsPrecipHumidityWind
3 PM76°76°M Cloudy1%55%SW at 6mph
4 PM75°75°M Cloudy1%56%SW at 5mph
5 PM69°69°P Cloudy2%67%SSW at 4mph
6 PM66°66°M Cloudy2%78%SSW at 4mph
7 PM64°64°M Cloudy2%86%SSW at 4mph
8 PM62°62°M Cloudy5%92%SSW at 3mph
9 PM60°60°M Cloudy9%96%SSW at 2mph
10 PM59°59°M Cloudy9%100%SW at 2mph
11 PM58°58°Cloudy11%100%SSW at 2mph
12 AM58°58°M Cloudy9%100%SSW at 2mph
1 AM57°57°M Cloudy9%100%SSW at 1mph
2 AM57°57°M Cloudy12%100%SSW at 1mph
3 AM56°56°M Cloudy10%100%SSW at 1mph
4 AM56°56°M Cloudy9%100%SSW at 0mph
5 AM57°57°M Cloudy9%100%SSW at 0mph
6 AM57°57°M Cloudy9%100%SSW at 0mph
7 AM56°56°Cloudy9%100%S at 0mph
8 AM58°58°Cloudy8%100%S at 0mph
9 AM61°61°M Cloudy7%94%S at 2mph
10 AM66°67°M Cloudy6%81%SSW at 2mph
11 AM70°71°M Cloudy6%72%SSW at 4mph
12 PM73°73°M Cloudy2%66%SW at 5mph
1 PM74°74°Cloudy1%60%SW at 5mph
2 PM74°74°Cloudy1%57%SW at 6mph
3 PM74°74°M Cloudy1%57%SSW at 5mph
4 PM74°74°M Cloudy1%60%SSW at 5mph
5 PM71°71°M Cloudy4%68%S at 5mph
6 PM67°67°P Cloudy5%79%S at 4mph
7 PM65°65°M Cloudy9%86%S at 4mph
8 PM64°64°M Cloudy7%89%S at 4mph
9 PM63°63°P Cloudy11%91%S at 3mph
10 PM62°62°M Cloudy8%93%S at 3mph
11 PM61°61°M Cloudy12%94%S at 3mph
12 AM61°61°P Cloudy13%95%SSW at 2mph
1 AM60°60°P Cloudy9%96%S at 1mph
2 AM61°61°P Cloudy13%95%S at 1mph
3 AM61°61°P Cloudy9%95%S at 1mph
4 AM61°61°P Cloudy10%95%S at 1mph
5 AM60°60°P Cloudy13%98%S at 0mph
6 AM59°59°P Cloudy15%100%SSE at 1mph
7 AM60°60°P Cloudy13%99%SSE at 0mph
8 AM61°61°P Cloudy12%100%SSE at 1mph
9 AM63°63°P Cloudy9%96%SE at 2mph
10 AM67°68°P Cloudy9%86%SSE at 2mph
11 AM72°72°P Cloudy6%72%SSE at 3mph
12 PM74°75°P Cloudy4%65%S at 2mph
1 PM75°75°P Cloudy3%62%S at 3mph

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