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St. Landry Parish Animal Ordinance Proposal

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St. Landry Parish Animal Ordinance Proposal

St. Landry Parish, La (KADN)- You don't create a law and put it on people without their input."

St. Landry Parish President Jessie Bellard announced a proposed revision of the current animal code, intending to update it after seventeen years.

Bellard says they've been working on revising the local animal laws for years. "A lot of things have happened when it relates to animal control and what we do here. Taken out what doesn't need to be there and put things that need to be there on what's happening with us right now.

Bellard says he does not favor creating laws, but certain animal tendencies have gotten out of control. Under the new ordinance, if reported, there will be consequences.

"If you have ten or more dogs or of the same species, come get a permit. Make sure that if you keep an animal tied up, you give it proper shelter at all times. You can't just put a dog tied up with no food, no water," says Bellard.

The proposal has been met with good and bad reviews online.

Bellard understands why St. Landry Parish residents are hesitant about the proposal, which is why he says he wants them to come and voice their concerns. "I want from you, and I want you to tell me why we should and why we shouldn't. I want them to hear why we are doing what we are doing it now, so they can understand why we are doing these changes."

Bellard recommended that residents read not only the new proposed ordinance but also the one already in place and compare and contrast the ordinance.

Click here to see the proposed ordinance.

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