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Men's Health Month Bringing Awareness To The Health Issues All Men Face

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Men's Health Month Bringing Awareness To The Health Issues All Men Face

Lafayette, La (KADN)- The month of June is Men's Health Month. The two leading causes of death for men in the U.S. is cancer and heart disease, but preventative care can help. 

Raising awareness regarding the need for men to have healthy lifestyles is critical to their well-being. One phlebotomist says one trip for a screening and regular health care can improve a man's health.  

For most men, seeking a medical professional only happens when they feel sick or have an emergency, and other times it can be too late.  

Owner of Clinical Sticks Shanne' Gilbert says the fear of regular checkups is a major reason why men don't see a doctor. "A lot of men are just .. their anxiety of going to the doctor. I know when I'm drawing patients in, mainly my scariest patients are men." 

A 2021 survey done by Aflac reported that 45% of men said they didn't visit a family doctor for an annual wellness visit. 

Gilbert says the conversation about men checking up on their health should start at home. "As to why they should go. The importance of going, taking preventive measures. I think it's a lot of us that know somebody that has passed away because they found out too late." 

Gilbert has partnered with local barbers to come to where men feel most comfortable with making it more convenient. Now patrons can easily have lab work done, and doctors can raise awareness about preventable problems.    

Xclusive Kuts barber Hunter Broussard says men not going to the doctor goes back generations, believing it started after men always said they were "just okay."

Broussard believes it's time for men to say when they aren't feeling like themselves. "We don't all take care of ourselves as we should, and with COVID and everything, I think it's time for people you start paying more attention to their health and what we can do to eliminate issues." 

Owner of Cuttin Up barbershop Johnny Trailer says this new partnership is needed to get men in the community to understand preventive care is critical. "I don't think we feel that we can really get sick. No harm, no foul. If I don't see symptoms, I think I am perfectly normal, but underlining issues do exist. I try to do mine every quarter."

Instead of visiting barbershops annually, Gilbert hopes to make this something she does every month. 

If you would like to help the Ms. Gilbert men's health panel raise awareness for preventable problems, click here

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