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The Social Media Meltdown

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The Social Media Meltdown

Lafayette, LA -  For about six hours, the world was able to remember what life was like before social media. JayceSnowden says apps like instagram and facebook have a hold on people. "The grasp that social media has on alot of people and the amount of people, you would think it wouldn't be a big issue and clearly it was."

"I didn't pay much attention. i kind of went off on my way," says Brandon Motz.

Motz says he didn't understand the outrage at first but says it shows how much society uses the apps. "I think it definitely shows how we've become dependent on that as being a main source of communication and for that avenue to be shut down. I can see why people went crazy about it."

Executive director Marie Collins with The Family Tree Information, Education, & Counseling Center says that the social media shutdown showed that we need face-to-face contact again. "Face to face is a very important skill to have, because I think in instances we are losing that ability to talk to another human in real-time."

And for some… it was a break from something they don’t like using a lot. UL  softball player Stormy Kotzelnick says she isn't big on using social media, but with her athletic career, it's a must. "I  was worried because social media, especially as a student-athlete, is something that you look forward to create and expand your brand, so i was worried."

Facebook apologized for the shutdown and hopes that this problem does not happen again in the future, but you never know what could happen. Facebook says the disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on how the data centers communicate, bringing their services to a halt.

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