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Neighbors and businesses react to Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. five month long lane closure

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Neighbors and businesses react to Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. five month long lane closure

LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN)- Drivers here in Lafayette should get ready for months-long roadwork on Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Starting Monday, October 25, the northbound outside lane of Ambassador from Curran Congress St. will be closed on weekdays due to renovations and repairs of the sound wall. People that live and work near the area are not looking forward to the increased traffic on the street.

“I know some of the simple things I do like just simply getting an Ambassador to go to Walmart or to get coffee is going to become now a chore. It's not going to be that easy to just get in, get on Ambassador and run,” Cheria Noel, a resident that lives behind the wall, said.

The lane is expected to take five months for renovations and repairs. Noel wishes construction would be set for a different time of year.

“Why during the holiday season? That is the absolute worst time and really and truly 8 to 4 is the absolute worst time in the day,” she said.

Noel thinks that traffic is going to triple because drivers may start taking back routes through her neighborhood.

The sound wall has been standing for 14 years and was originally built to last. But due to heavy traffic, many accidents have happened over the years and has caused much damage

Kesler Decuir, a lead technician at Take 5 Oil Change, said that he sees three to four accidents near the sound wall each day.

“You see people just not paying attention and, on their cellphones,” Decuir said.

Decuir feels that construction on Ambassador may hinder the number of customers they get each day.

”We push about four hundred to five hundred cars a week so with that people won’t want to come over here,” he said.

The lane will be closed from 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays and Decuir wishes it would be scheduled for a different time of day.

“Maybe in the be an evening time or at night, it's just kind of hard, you know, trying to do something in the daytime where most businesses are opened in the daytime, so it's just, it's crushing us it's crushing us that's what he's gonna do,” he said.

Repairs on the sound wall are expected to be done in March 2022.

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