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Dangers of Homemade Baby Formula

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Dangers of Homemade Baby Formula

Lafayette, La- Parents are struggling to get baby formula after a recall by the largest U.S. supplier of powder infant formula, Abbott Laboratories. One pediatrician says parents need to understand that making homemade formulas to solve this crisis is not a good idea.

The national shortage of baby formula is causing parents to turn to extreme measures, one being making homemade baby formula, which Dr. Jessica Blanding says is dangerous.

Countless empty shelves have parents going store to store searching for just one can of baby formula.

Since the recall in February, homemade formula recipes have been surfacing everywhere.

"We've had a lot of concerns from parents about how to feed their babies," says Dr. Blanding.

Dr. Blanding tells NEWS15 that making homemade baby formula is not recommended. It can be dangerous for the baby. "They don't have the nutrients that babies need. If you put too much water into it especially for young infants, you increase the risk of electrolytes imbalances and the possibility of seizures and other medical problems."

According to the FDA, infant formulas have to have a specific amount of nutrients for the infant to grow.

Dr. Blanding says homemade recipes are not the only alternative gaining attention despite the risk. "Goat milk is also something that we do not encourage. Goat milk does not have the proper nutrients and vitamins. It can lead to vitamin deficits and anemia and small babies."

If you're going to the internet for answers, Dr. Blanding says research is key. "Make sure you are getting it from a reputable website because it may not be safe. It may not be expired. You have no way of knowing what you are getting. You just have to be aware of what the alternatives are for your baby."

If you have any concerns, Dr. Blanding says to reach out to your pediatrician about any alternative you may see or hear about before trying a new method.

Baby formula maker Abbott says it would take two weeks to resume baby formula production at their facility. However, after production resumes to ship products to stores, it will take at least eight weeks.

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