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Are vaccine mandates coming to an end in Louisiana?

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Children as young as 5 now under New Orleans vaccine mandate

LAFAYETTE (KADN) - Just this week the Louisiana house a bill to prohibit state and local governments from issuing vaccine mandates.

One Lafayette resident says she feels "They should be reinforcing it because everybody should think about the next person". 

If passed the bill will stop the issuing or enforcing proof of Covid-19 vaccination requirements for entry into public or private entities. 

Mona Hopkins just returned back from a cruise and said the rules were strict but she didn't mind. 

Mona says "I think I was the only one on a cruise boat wearing a double mask it was mandatory that everybody be vaccinated and everybody had to take their shots within 24 hours before the cruise leave so you know everybody on their was negative but anything could happen within the 24 hours".   

The bill reads that any mandates adopted after the bill is passed would be contrary to the public policy of the state. Mona says even though its your decision you should still be mindful of others.  

However, this bill will not prohibit private businesses from imposing vaccine mandates of their own. 

The bill would not apply to any Covid-19 vaccination mandate that's required by federal law or regulation.

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