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Tracking Hurricane Ida

Vermilion parishes Office of Emergency Preparedness provides some tips to residents on how they can prepare for the up and coming storm.

Posted: Aug 26, 2021 7:57 PM
Updated: Aug 28, 2021 2:33 PM

ABBEVILLE, La. - Earlier here in Vermillion parish it was sunny and dry but now it's dark, gloomy and wet. I spoke with their Office of Emergency and Preparedness to see what they're telling residents.

"Make sure your vehicles are tanked up incase you have to evacuate. Make sure you have enough commodity to take with you incase you get sent to a shelter. Make sure your medicine is taken care of," said Stelly.

Alongside the list of emergency check points Vermilion parishes Office of Emergency Preparedness Homer Stelly says be sure to secure any loose items that could become a deadly projectile or flow away.

"Water, canned goods to take with you to eat, make sure if you have an infant that it has the formula to feed your baby," said Stelly.

Speaking of babies Vermillion parish, resident Shane Vincent is a father of three. His youngest is 17 months old, her name is Autumn.

"Medicine, wipes, diapers, you know essentials for the house especially for her. She likes certain things, like she uses sensitive wipes and certain kind of diapers," said Vincent.

Vincent says he and his wife have been running around town trying to stock up on goods but it's been hard. He says almost everything is gone.

"All of it's gone, waters gone. I'll just get some empty juggs and fill it up. As long as there's water for her, I've been drinking city of Abbeville water all my life," said Vincent

Resdients in Vermillion should also have a back up battery operator in case they loose power.

"Then you can still monitor the storm and listen to your office of emergency preparedness, all your emergency personel like 911, your fire department," said Stelly.

Stocking up on batteries is another big tip. Stelly says he thinks one of residents biggest mistakes is not securing their papers.

"Insurance papers, your insurance company, make sure that you have a phone number that you can call. So when you get back you can start doing your claim if you have damage to your home or to your property," said Stelly.

Finally if you have any leap holes around your home make sure to cover them with with silicone and some rocks. It'll help with any sort of flooding.

At this time Vermillion parish does not have sand bags but you can head on over to Abbeville if you are in need.

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