Studio Spotlight: Pelba Recording Studio

News15's Carter Simoneaux begins his tour, showcasing the unsung heroes of Acadiana music: producers, sound engineers and studio owners. He kicks it off at Pelba Recording Studio in Cecilia.

Posted: Jun 10, 2021 10:26 AM
Updated: Jun 10, 2021 10:47 AM

CECILIA - Some of the more unsung heroes in the Acadiana music scene are the producers, sound engineers and studio owners who help artists refine the songs we know and love.

"I'm here to record great vocals, great instruments, great playersl," proclaims Dean Guidry.

A long time musician himself, Guidry now operates a recording studio in his hometown of Cecilia. He's produced and engineered music for a list of different artists over the years. It's a job often misunderstood.

"It's not just pushing buttons and turning knobs and listening to music," explains Guidry, "It's knowing when to do it, how much to do it - and if you don't have that knowledge - you're at a disadvantage."

With home recording now more accessible and popular than ever, Guidry is confident that musicians will always benefit from a trained set of ears.

Adds Guidry, "You'll always have the legacy engineers, like I am, who know the legacy of where all of this comes from. That alone kind of puts us in a different level."

He's currently working on Lafayette artist Abigail Prithcard's first EP.

Says Pritchard, "He just said he had a studio and took me under his wing, and expanded the sound of my own music the way I never could imagine."

"Take advantage of the talents of your recording engineers," says Guidry, "He knows what's best for you and your music."

Guidry says the role of a producer is to be a conduit for musicians, guiding them to find their true sound.

Adds Pritchard, "If you're looking to expand and get to know yourself and your sound better, I highly recommend it."

For young artists like Abigail, who are looking to plan their first trip to a recording studio, "100 percent would recommend Dean Guidry at Pelba Studios."

To learn more about Pelba Recording Studio. click here.

If interested in the music of Abigial Pritchard, click here.

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