New Variant of Covid-19

The Colombian variant, known as the b.1.621 variant, currently accounts for about 10% of the recent cases seen in covid-positive patients at Jackson health in Miami.

Posted: Jul 29, 2021 3:06 PM

Abdalla says, "And push people to literally take the vaccine and good portion of our people they still not taking it so I think that's going to bring us back to square one"

A Variant of Covid-19 that first emerged in Colombia is now spreading in the u.s. it's called the Colombian variant which was genetically sequenced.

Eunice Hunter says although she doesn't know much about the different variants she still takes all the necessary precautions.

"I really don't know what to say about it all I do is just be safe every time we go outside then still do the handwashing still continue to do the six feet away from each other and then wearing mask if you like"

As new covid-19 variants continue to emerge many people say masks are still important during this pandemic.

"Personally don't like it because we work really in a hot environment but if it must we have to do it because we have to basically prevent spreading the disease for more people so of course, we have to follow the rules at the end of the day"

The World Health Organization has designated the variant as one that requires more monitoring. Abdalla says although he doesn't like wearing mask he will do whatever it takes to protect himself and his community.

"What we have to do to basically minimize the damage of this disease we have to follow and do as simple as that"

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