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Kids and vaccinations

Should children under the age of 12 get vaccinated? News 15 got the opinion of one local resident after her sister recently got COVID-19. Her sister has children aged 7 to 12.

Posted: Sep 8, 2021 5:30 PM

LAFAYETTE, La. - Just two weeks ago the Louisiana Department of Health reported that a child just under the age of one died of the coronavirus simply because the child was too young to get vaccinated.

At this time only 42% of Louisianians are fully vaccinated, leaving 58% unvaccinated. That doesn't include children under the age of 12 because at this time they're not able to get a vaccine

"I feel like all ages should get vaccinated because kids are so vulnerable. they're faced in this pandemic and not knowing what to do," said Williams.

Covid cases in the state have gone up particulary during the time in which school started. Robin Williams has young nieces and nephews.

"Prime example in school, a kid may go to the restroom, see a friend, hey. Give me kiss, give me hug and the mask comes down so they're exposed," said Williams.

I said "and you mentioned that you do have one nephew who is 12, are they vaccinated?"

"Yes," said Williams.

Williams says that just three weeks ago her sister contracted covid. While worried about her sister she was also concerned for her 12 year old nephew. The nephew is vaccinated but sister is not.

Fast forward three weeks, the sister is okay but that's after going through some pretty tough symptoms. The nephew is doing fine and has since tested negative for covid.

"There are hundreds of children in The United States who are no longer here on this earth because of covid the virus," said Hebert.

Dr. Britni Hebert says kids go through a different complication than adults when contracting covid.

"It's a delayed inflamatory reaction that can occur weeks after the virus and that's called MISC. We are seeing an uptick in these types of admissions to the hospital with the newer variants," said Hebert.

I said, "in just the last 2 weeks Louisiana has had 6,146 confirmed cases of children with covid-19 in Louisiana. Another 63 of those were pediatric cases that were admitted to the hospital."

So a question that's been running through the minds of many, why can't kids under the age of 12 get vaccinated? Dr. Britni Hebert thinks they should.

"Children can be vectors of this virus to other people that might be more at risk for severe outcomes but even for a personal protection. The risk of having a bad outcome is not zero," said Hebert.

Right now atleast one study shows that one in two kids will have one covid symptom ranging from chronic headaches, nausea and anxiety.

Governor Edwards says we need to be mindful that 2.2 million Louisianans have received a shot, not a single one of them is under the age of 12.

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