How do kids feel about learning in person versus at home

We've talked about in person versus virtual learning and how COVID -19 does or doesn't fit in the mix but what's the one thing we have not touched on?

Posted: Aug 16, 2021 7:31 PM

LAFAYETTE, La. - Doctors, parents and grandparents, I've talked to them all when it comes to their concerns about going back to school during our states 4th COVID-19 surge.

"I did go to private school as a kid, I tried private school again a couple years ago but I think home school is where I belong," said Barras.

I haven't spoken to those most effected, the kids. That's until I met middle schoolers Noah, Madelyn and Isabella.

Having experienced curriculums at home and in the classroom, Noah Barras thinks home is a better enviornment. She says she gets the same oppurtunites.

"Schools are opening their doors to homeschool kids who want to play sports, who want to get inviolved in clubs. There's also things that aren't related to school like christian youth theater," said Barras.

I said "after The Louisiana Association of Superintendants said all school districts in the state had to return to in person learning a lot of mixed emotions began to rise."

Some parents felt like they didn't have a choice in the matter and they didn't. Madelyn Adams has been homeschooled her whole life but doesn't see a difference with learning in person or at home.

"It really just depends on the kid because you can learn the same over zoom as you could in school. It just depends on the personality and how they learn," said Adams.

Other's disagree, saying it's about more than a lesson or trying to stay free from COVID-19. Sometimes it's about the worry of having a positive or negative interaction with others.

"It's not necessarily with COVID but just like other stuff. I don't really want to get beat up at public school so I'd rather stay home,"
said Simoneaux.

The one thing all three of the young ladies I spoke with can agree on is that learning from home allows them to do activities and lessons on thier own time.

Now as mentioned earlier parent's don't have a choice on their kids returning to school in person. Unless their child has a medical necessity. Even then that child must have passed their courses successfully in the previous year, this goes for all Louisiana districts.

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