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Dr. Misty Blue Reed: Softball Saves Northside Softball Coach

Northside softball coach Dr. Misty Blue Reed uses softball to bounce back from domestic violence.

Posted: Apr 22, 2021 11:29 PM
Updated: Apr 27, 2021 9:12 AM

Lafayette, LA (KADN) -- Even in a blowout, Northside softball coach Dr. Misty Blue Reed refuses to quit. Dr. Reed started playing softball at 4. She pitched at Prairie View A&M University before she was 16.

"I can crush the ball," Reed said. "I can run someone over that's in my way. I can do everything legally that I need to take out my aggression out on. I can do that."

Coach Reed got married in 2009. Moving out of a storage unit with her new husband changed her life.

"I had my end of the treadmill and I lifted it up and I was making it to where I was a perpendicular angle," Reed explained. "He started fussing about whatever he wanted to fuss about. He pushed it on top of me and he closed the shed door and he left."
Coach Reed says she never called 9-1-1.

"No, I called my friend," Reed said. "It took me about an hour to make sure I was okay and move the treadmill off me because again I just got out of the hospital."

Reed says she never filed a police report, but she got divorced six months later. Next in Monroe, she says she went through another seven-year abusive relationship. So in 2019, she says police advised her to leave North Louisiana. She came to Northside High School and coaching softball helped her regroup.

"I might not be of the free world right now if I didn't have sports," Reed said.

Athletes are taught not to quit, but in the case of domestic violence leaving was winning for Coach Reed.

"Don't be dumb like was," Reed said. "Don't be so madly in love that you're broken and bruised after that. I knew I had softball and that kept me going."

Coach Reed tells her players to use softball to release their problems on the field.

"Meaning as if like different challenges that you go through," first baseman Micheal Bonnet said. Take the aggression out of the sadness no matter how it makes you feel and use the aggression towards the ball.

"There's more to life than sadness," Reed said. "That's my mantra towards them. There's more to life than sadness. Love is not supposed to reflex on you in bad ways. It is supposed to always be a smile."

If you need help with domestic abuse call 1800-799 SAFE 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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