Brigham Young Lifts YouTube Ban After 3 Years

Brigham Young University, the Utah Mormon school where students agree to live a chaste and virtuous life, has lifted its almost three-year policy of blocking access to YouTube.

Somali Pirates Release Kidnapped Crew of Belgian Ship

Somali pirates have released the entire crew of a Belgian ship kidnapped two months ago, Belgium's government said Sunday.

Pakistani Forces Kill 11 Taliban Militants

Warplanes and helicopter gunships pounded suspected militant positions in Pakistan's troubled northwest on Sunday, killing 11 Taliban fighters, intelligence officials said.

Britain Demands Release of Embassy Employees in Iran

Iranian authorities have detained several local employees of the British Embassy in Tehran, a move that Britain's foreign secretary Sunday called "harassment and intimidation" and reflected a hardening of the regime's stance toward the West.

Spokeswoman: Jackson's Doctor Not a Suspect

The cardiologist who was with Michael Jackson during the pop star's final moments sat down with investigators for the first time to explain his actions — and left three hours later as a witness, not a suspect.

Chavez: U.S. Is a Threat to Venezuela

Chavez says the U.S. is a threat to Venezuela, and that's why his government is strengthening its military.

Joe Jackson: Stress Didn't Kill My Son

In an interview with FOX News' Geraldo Rivera, Jackson's father Joe said "we're going to miss the great superstar, the biggest known in the world."

Dozens of National Guard Sick After Iraq 2003 Deploy

The area, as it turned out, was contaminated with hexavalent chromium, a potent, sometimes deadly chemical linked to cancer and other devastating diseases.