Mystery Surrounds Michael Jackson's Burial

It appears unlikely that the cemetery will be Forest Lawn Memorial Park, as was originally expected

Thin-Looking Kim Jong Il Makes Rare Appearance

A thin-looking Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance Wednesday as North Korea paid solemn respects to his father, the country's late founder, on the 15th anniversary of his death.

Roadblocks for Health Deal

Problems in Congress threaten to overshadow White House event designed to boost health care overhaul

Taliban Leader Wounded in Swat Valley Airstrike

The Taliban leader of the Swat Valley area, Maulana Fazullah, is critically injured from an air strike, a Pakistani military official confirmed to FOX News.

Good News: Traffic Congestion Down Across U.S.

Drivers are spending less time stuck in rush-hour traffic for a second straight year, the first-ever two-year decline in congestion as high gas prices and the economic downturn force many Americans to change how they commute.

Google Takes Aim at Microsoft, Introduces OS

Google Inc. is working on a new operating system for inexpensive computers in a daring attempt to wrest away Microsoft Corp.'s long-running control over people's computing experience.

'Innocent' Detainees Might Not Go Free

Obama administration says it could imprison non-U.S. citizens at Gitmo indefinitely even if they've been acquitted