Thunderstorm Delays Launch of Space Shuttle

Thunderstorms have forced NASA to delay Sunday evening's launch of space shuttle Endeavour.

Car Bomb Kills 4 Outside Church in Iraq

A car bomb exploded near a church as worshippers left Sunday Mass, killing at least four civilians and injuring 18 in one of several attacks on Iraq's beleaguered Christian minority.

Senators Predict Health Plan Delay

Lawmakers say health overhaul unlikely by August deadline, as Congress turns attention to other priorities

Church Bus Crash Kills 1 in Mississippi, 23 Hurt

A bus carrying a church youth group from Louisiana to Georgia flipped Sunday on Interstate 20 in Mississippi, killing one person and injuring 23 others, a coroner said.

Standoff Ends as Gunman Trades Bullets for Cigarettes

No reports of shots, but SWAT team, hostage negotiators on scene.

Torched Topless Coffee Shop's Owner Wants to Rebuild

Owner of Grand View Topless Coffee Shop will apply to build a new structure, might ask for operating changes when he appears before Vassalboro, Maine, Planning Board on Tuesday.

Relatives Want Answers From Burial-Plot Scam Cemetery

A constant stream of relatives hoping to find their loved ones showed up Saturday as officials exhumed one grave in a cemetery where four former employees are accused of digging up and dumping hundreds of bodies in a scheme to resell plots.

Kids Deny Sex Abuse After Dad's 20-Year Prison Stint

Grown son, daughter testify in Washington state court that father never did sexually abuse them in mid-1980s.

'Bruno' Lands Number One Spot at Weekend Box Office

Gay Austrian fashion devotee Bruno has landed the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office, though it's uncertain how much staying power he has.

Woman Found Dead in NYC High-Rise Bound, Gagged

A woman found dead in a skyscraper where a cleaning woman had vanished days earlier was bound and gagged and had a gold crucifix taped to her mouth, police said Sunday.