Women Find It Difficult to Look at Babies With Defects

Puzzling new research suggests women have a harder time than men looking at babies with facial birth defects. It's a surprise finding.

Swim Coach in Hot Water After Child Pornography Charge

A North Attleborough man who coached swimming at an area high school as well as a YMCA and private swim club has been arraigned on possession of child pornography charges.

Inmate Pulls Gun During Jail Escape Attempt in Florida

Sheriff's officials are investigating how an inmate at a central Florida jail obtained a loaded handgun in an attempted escape.

Weight-Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Cancer

Weight-loss surgery may help obese women lower their risk of developing cancer, Swedish researchers said on Tuesday.

EPA Says 600 Neighborhoods Have Toxic Air

Millions living in nearly 600 neighborhoods across the U.S. are breathing concentrations of toxic air pollutants that put them at a much greater risk of contracting cancer, according to new EPA data.

Iran Opposition Leader's Wife: Let Protesters Go

The wife of Iranian opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi has called for the immediate release of detained protesters.

Obama: 'Absolutely' Will Get Health Reform Passed in 2009

Set to embark on ABC health-care tour, president argues U.S. will be 'worse off' without dramatic overhaul

Suspected U.S. Missile Strike Kills 55 in Pakistan

The head of Pakistan's Taliban attended a funeral shortly before a suspected U.S. missile strike that killed about 55 people, two intelligence officials said Wednesday, but a top Taliban aide denied that the leader had a close call.

Iran Candidate Withdraws Vote Fraud Complaint

A conservative candidate in Iran's disputed presidential election said Wednesday that he was withdrawing his complaints about voting fraud for the sake of the country, state television reported.