Reports: Jon Gosselin Apartment Hunting in NYC

The Gawker reported Friday that Jon Gosselin was scoping out a one-bedroom, $3,200-a-month apartment on Manhattan's West Side

Marijuana Causes Cancer, California Regulators Say

An official says the state found marijuana smoke contains 33 of the same harmful chemicals as tobacco smoke.

S. Korea President Worried About N. Korea Quest for Nukes

As the rhetorical battle between North Korea and America grows more fierce, experts believe that the chance of a third test detonation by Pyongyang has grown more likely.

Consumer Group, Lawmaker Warns of Latest Telemarketing Scam

The Better Business Bureau and a New York senator are warning consumers of a new automated telemarketing scam: companies promising to negotiate lower credit card interest rates.

Basij Militia Allegedly Use Axes to Quell Iranian Protesters

Witnesses say the militia has unleashed its violence in shadowy nighttime raids, attacking suspected opposition sympathizers with axes, daggers, sticks and other crude weapons.

Montana Woman Uses Chickens to Comfort Senior, Sick

Jana Clairmont of Polson, Mont., calls her therapy birds — a white rooster and Cornish game hen — "Fowl Play."

U.S. Military Says Afghanistan Bombings Killed 26 Civilians

The U.S. military says airstrikes by a U.S. bomber in Afghanistan last month did not follow strict rules and probably caused civilian casualties.

Bondholders, Unions File Objections to GM Sale

The bondholders say they're being treated unfairly and deserve more than the 10 percent stake in the new company that they'd receive if the sale goes through.