Shia LaBeouf to Star in 'Wall Street' Sequel

The actor confirms he will appear in "Money Never Sleeps," director Oliver Stone's follow up to "Wall Street."

U.S. Analyst Says N. Korea's New Missile Base Ready

Fresh commercial satellite images show that North Korea's sophisticated new missile base on its west coast — designed for multiple test flights in a short time — is ready for use, according to an independent U.S. analyst.

Suspect in Abortion Doctor's Death: I'm Not Anti-Gov't

Scott Roeder called The Associated Press on Thursday from the Sedgwick County Jail and disputed characterizations in the media of him as being anti-government, saying he is "anti-corrupt government."

Lawyer: Ark. Shooting Suspect 'Tortured' by Terrorists

The man accused of killing a soldier outside a recruiting center begged for FBI agents to free him from a Yemeni jail where he was "tortured" and "radicalized" by Islamic terrorists, his lawyer said.

Boy, 12, Killed by Lightning on Baseball Field

The Little League umpire called the game because of weather, but the boy and his friend lingered behind playing catch.

'Montauk Monster' Mystery May Have Been Solved

Man says he, friends found dead raccoon last year and gave it proper 'Viking funeral,' pushing it out to sea on blazing raft.

Mideast Leaders Waiting for Action on Obama Speech

Middle East leaders waited with great expectation to hear what President Obama would say in his address to the Muslim world. Now they're eager to see him act on his words.

Gay Penguins Raise Chick Together in German Zoo

Egg abandoned by biological mom placed in gay pair's nest, and they're rasing chick as their own.

Policy Shift — or 'Obama Doctrine'?

President's address in Cairo to the Muslim world could signal a whole new direction on U.S. foreign policy• Iraqis See Signs of Progress in Obama Speech