Body of 2-Year-Old Stolen From Grave Found in N.J. River

Two men fishing in the Passaic River found a girl's body in a bag at the shoreline.

Official: L.A. Detective From Rodney King Case Kills Self

A veteran Los Angeles police detective who testified at the Rodney King trial killed herself after walking into the lobby of a suburban sheriff's station, authorities said Tuesday.

Wallet Stolen in 1982 Found in Central Park Tree

Money doesn't grow on trees, but a tree-care supervisor in New York City's Central Park found an old wallet inside a dead one.

'Three's Company' Actress Joyce DeWitt Arrested for Drunk Dr

Police say Joyce DeWitt, who played the character Janet Wood on the popular show, was pulled over Saturday afternoon

How to Travel for Free...Sort of

Stow the thumb and work for your ride, or flight, or hotel

Yemen: 8 Bodies in Tanzania May Be From Plane Crash

Eight bodies that have washed ashore in Tanzania may be from a plane that plunged into the Indian Ocean with 153 people onboard, Yemeni authorities said Tuesday. Only one 12-year-old girl survived the crash.

Churchill Can't Reclaim Job After 9-11 Nazi Comparison

Judge refuses to reinstate a University of Colorado professor who was fired on plagiarism charges after likening Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi, even though a jury ruled in that his firing was politically motivated.