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Fox News Now for June 11, 2009

News Updates

Fox News Now for June 10, 2009

Ex-Scientology Official Exposes Church's Alleged Coverup

A former high-ranking Scientology official who handled the case of a mentally ill member who died under church care reportedly ordered the destruction of incriminating evidence to cover up missteps.

Christie Brinkley All Smiles at Benefit Gala

The Hamptons in the summertime is an opportunity for charities to fill their coffers with celeb-studed bashes

Strong Earthquake Jolts Urban Areas of Alaska

A strong earthquake jolted a swath of southern Alaska on Monday, sending people diving under desks and huddling in doorways but causing little damage.

Federer Wins Opening Match at Wimbledon

Roger Federer won the opening match at Wimbledon, seeking to win his sixth Wimbledon title.

EXCLUSIVE: U.N. Catches Up, Slowly, With $$$ Cheaters

More than three years after the U.N.'s scandal-tarred procurement division decided to set up a streamlined system to punish corrupt suppliers, the U.N. says the system is finally on the way — again.

Islamic Extremists Sentence 4 Somalis to Amputations

A court run by an extremist Islamic group sentenced four Somali men on Monday to each have a hand and a leg cut off for allegedly stealing cell phones and guns. The ruling prompted an outcry from human rights activists.

Woman Seen as Martyr in Iran Becomes Face of Protests

Protesters in Iran are hailing 26-year-old Neda Soltan as a martyr after graphic videos of her apparent murder hit the Internet.