Jon and Kate Announce They're Splitting

Tonight on “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they were separating after 10 years of marriage.

Arkansas Inmate Nearly Dies After Left in Feces

An Arkansas prisoner nearly died after guards left him lying naked in his own feces for a weekend, and while investigating the incident corrections officials found that guards received lap dances while on the job.

Hawaii Firefighters Cause Blaze at Own Station

Oahu firefighters have been issued a reminder to be sure to turn off cooking equipment when responding to emergencies.

Girl Tells 911 in Indiana: 'Daddy Stabbed Mommy'

A man was being sought on a murder warrant Monday after his 12-year-old daughter told a 911 dispatcher, "Daddy stabbed Mommy," two days after the woman had a protection order against her estranged husband extended.

Fort Hood Soldier Stabbed to Death on Texas Post

FBI says a soldier was stabbed to death at her Fort Hood home and her civilian ex-husband is being charged with murder.