Israel's Barak: 'No Option' Is Off the Table on Iran

Israel dug in its heels Monday in a disagreement with the United States over a potential military strike to thwart Iran's progress toward a possible nuclear weapon, as the visiting American defense chief urged patience.

Sarah Exits, Stage Right

Palin steps down as Alaska's governor 17 months early, but not without blasting the media on the way out

Police Seek Answers After Wrong-Way Crashes Kill 8

Authorities are trying to determine how a woman driving a minivan carrying two of her children and three young nieces got onto a suburban parkway heading in the wrong direction, leading to a fiery crash that killed eight people

Iced Coffees Can Pack As Many Calories As a Meal

Enjoying an iced coffee? Better skip dinner or hit the gym afterwards, with a cancer charity warning that some iced coffees contain as many calories as a hot dinner.

Two Oklahoma Sheriff's Deputies Shot, Killed

A man opened fire on two sheriff's deputies trying to serve a domestic abuse warrant Sunday in Oklahoma, killing both officers and wounding a woman who was passing by, state investigators said.

Astronaut Sees 'Effects of Human Destruction of Earth'

A Canadian astronaut on a six-month stay aboard the international space station said on Sunday it looks like Earth's ice caps have melted a bit since he was last in orbit 12 years ago.

Fed 'Held Nose' Over Bailouts

Bernanke says nothing made him angrier 'than having to intervene' with taxpayer bailouts of financial companies

N. Korea Open to New Dialogue to Defuse Nuclear Tensions

North Korea says it is open to new dialogue to defuse tensions over its nuclear weapons program.

Obama to Hold 'Beer Summit'

President invites Sgt. Crowley, black scholar Gates over for beers to calm furor over professor's controversial arrest

Famous Bank Robber's Gun Nets $95G at Texas Auction

A statement from the auction house says Dillinger was carrying the small pistol hidden in a sock when he was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, 75 years ago.