Gay Penguins Raise Chick Together in German Zoo

Egg abandoned by biological mom placed in gay pair's nest, and they're rasing chick as their own.

Policy Shift — or 'Obama Doctrine'?

President's address in Cairo to the Muslim world could signal a whole new direction on U.S. foreign policy• Iraqis See Signs of Progress in Obama Speech

Money Manager to Plead Guilty in Plane Crash Hoax Death

Marcus Schrenker, 38, was also indicted by a federal grand jury with making a fake distress call.

FOXSexpert: Sex Products - Which Should You Try?

From a razor that doubles as a vibrator, to a collar that promises safer sex, couples will have fun getting frisky with these sex toys or not

Pastor Invites People to Bring Guns to Church

A Kentucky pastor is inviting people to bring their guns to church to celebrate the Fourth of July and the Second Amendment.

License to Bounce: Cities Looking to Curb Door Thugs

Providence is the latest city trying to license bouncers, hoping to train them better, ease police workloads and erase their image as thugs on a power trip.

Terri Seymour's 'Idol' Attacker Pleads Guilty

Thibodeaux received 36 months probation, has to complete 20 days of community service