Son of Alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter 'Sorry'

The son of James von Brunn said Sunday that his father, who is accused of killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, had long burdened his family with his white supremacist views.

Southwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Georgia

Officials say low cabin pressure forced a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Fort Myers, Fla., to make and emergency landing in Columbus, Ga.

Pakistan Orders Army to Go After Taliban Chief

Pakistan ordered its army to go after the country's top Taliban commander, a feared Al Qaeda-allied militant whose remote stronghold could prove a difficult test for troops but whose demise would remove a major threat to the country's stability.

NASA Repairs Leak on Space Shuttle's Fuel Tank

NASA is repairing a leaky hydrogen gas line on Endeavour's fuel tank in hopes of launching the shuttle on its space station construction mission Wednesday, four days after the first try was called off.

Deadline Nears for $114M Polygamist Trust Settlement

Despite some 40 hours of negotiations, it's unlikely a settlement can be reached by Monday in a dispute over a property trust once run by polygamous church leader Warren Jeffs, Utah's attorney general said.

Ahmadinejad Dismisses Iran Election Violence

Iranian authorities criticized international media reports and took steps to control the flow of information from independent news sources as anti-government protests raged in the country for a second day Sunday

Soldiers Capture 25 Gunmen in Northern Mexico

The Mexican army has captured 25 gunmen in northern Mexico who witnesses say disguised themselves as soldiers.

FAA: At Least 2 Dead in Small Plane Crash in New York

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says a small plane has crashed into New York's Mohawk River with three people aboard, and at least two have died.

'Important Step Forward'

Obama praises Israeli PM's endorsement of two-state solution, as Palestinian leaders condemn caveats• Netanyahu Calls for Creation of Palestinian State