First Planet in Another Galaxy Possibly Found

Strange blip in light from Andromeda galaxy may be large planet passing in front of its star.

Pilot, Student Killed in Helicopter Crash on N.M. Mountain

Officials said both the pilot of a state police helicopter and the student hiker he was rescuing were killed when the aircraft crashed on a snowy mountain near Santa Fe.

Advocacy Groups Blast Letterman's Jokes About Palin Family

The president of a national women's rights group is blasting David Letterman's "offensive" jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter and called on the talk show host to formally apologize.

Contractor Following GPS Demolishes Wrong House

A crew using coordinates from a global positioning system demolished a 60-year-old home in Carrollton earlier this week, but it was the wrong house.

Chastity Bono Changing From Woman to Man

Bono, the child of legendary entertainers Sonny and Cher, began the process earlier this year

Autopsy Finds David Carradine Did Not Commit Suicide

Independent expert says death was not a suicide, final results will be available in the coming days.

Report: Michael Jackson's Ear Used to Rebuild Damaged Nose

Jacko has managed to hide the damage under his long hair since the late 1990s