Did Michelle Play Role in IG Firing?

Top GOP senator is asking whether first lady's office had something to do with firing of AmeriCorps official

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season Finale: Food Fight!

The season finale's catfight/train wreck was just as painfully enjoyable to watch as the countless previews made it seem

Teen Accused of Cat Mutilations Released from Jail

A Miami judge has released a teenager accused of more than a dozen cat killings from jail.

N.Y. Man Allegedly Stabbed Wife, Daughter With Ice Pick

Authorities say a 50-year-old Hudson Valley man has been charged with attempted murder after he stabbed his wife and teenage daughter with an ice pick.

Kristina Korsholm's Recession-Friendly Beachwear Picks Do Do

With the economy in the dumps, even celebs are opting for swimsuits that do double-duty, whether it be as party wear or even as lingerie

Window Washer Survives Six-Story Fall

A Wisconsin window washer survived a six-story fall from a bank building, after his safety rope never caught.

Health Officials Backtrack on Porn Industry HIV Cases

County public health officials backtracked on the number of previously unpublicized HIV cases in adult film performers Tuesday, saying they don't know if those who tested positive were actively working in the industry at the time.

Nanny Took Cold Medicine, Slept While Baby Drowned

A prosecutor says a New York City baby sitter took cold medicine and slept as an 11-month-old boy fell head-first into a bucket of water and died.

Teen Agrees to 3 Tattoos, Wakes Up With 56 on Face

A teenager got the shock of her life when she asked for a few small tattoo stars and woke up to find half her face was covered in them.

CSI Insects: Bugs Help Investigators With Time of Death

Insects present on the bodies of murder victims can help to establish times of death, sometimes more accurately than standard pathology.