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Sister: Journalist Held in N. Korea Says She Broke the Law

The sister of an American journalist jailed in North Korea says the woman acknowledged breaking North Korean law during a recent phone call.

Bomb Attacks Kill Nearly 60 in Iraq

Bombs killed nearly 60 people in Iraq on Thursday in the worst violence since U.S. combat troops withdrew from urban areas last week, and American forces released five Iranian officials suspected of aiding Shiite insurgents.

Massive Blast in Afghanistan Kills 25 People

An Interior Ministry spokesman says the massive blast in central Afghanistan has killed 25 people, including 21 civilians and four policemen.

Jackson's Dermatologist Says He Warned About Drug

Michael Jackson's dermatologist says he on occasion gave the pop star the painkiller Demerol but warned him about using the powerful sedative Diprivan.

Bodies Dug Up, Plots Resold at Illinois Cemetery

Workers at a historic Illinois cemetery may have dug up more than 100 bodies and dumped them in mass graves at the back of the 150-acre property in a scheme to resell plots to unsuspecting customers, authorities said Wednesday.

Power Outage Hits L.A., Some Trapped in Elevators

Officials say a power outage is causing traffic jams across the west side of Los Angeles and leaving people trapped in elevators.

S. Korea on High Alert for More Cyber Attacks

South Korea was on high alert Thursday for more cyber attacks amid suspicions that North Korea was behind a recent wave of Web site outages in the South and in the United States.

Dems Eye New Tax on Rich

Income tax surcharge on top earners emerges as leading option to pay for federal health care legislation