'Wiz' Beaten: Feds Bust High-Tech Pickpocket Ring

Ten members of a national high-tech band of pickpockets have been charged with conspiracy and bank-fraud by federal prosecutors in Virginia in the government's first "large-scale swipe" at Chicago-based identity-theft ring "Cannon to the Wiz."

Pay Raise? Ask Uncle Sam

Rep. Barney Frank wants guidelines for compensation — and not just for companies receiving bailout money• FOX News Poll: U.S. Not in Love With 'Gov't Motors'

Ex-NFL Linebacker Pleads Not Guilty to 1994 Murder

A former NFL linebacker has pleaded not guilty to killing a wealthy Southern California businessman 14 years ago.

FOXSexpert: Navigating Newly Single Sex

Sex for the newly single can be terribly intimidating. How can you reclaim your sexual self as never before? Try these steps

Federal Agents Assess Slim Jim Plant After Explosion

At least half of a sprawling Slim Jim processing plant was damaged in a fatal explosion, and parts of the building may need to be removed before federal investigators can go inside, officials said Thursday.

Two Million TVs Set to Go Dark Friday

That's how many belong to people who haven't gotten ready for the digital-TV transition, which takes place June 12.