Air Problem Cuts Short Wednesday Spacewalk

Two astronauts are safely back inside the international space station after cutting short their spacewalk because of a suit problem.

Massive Quake Shifts New Zealand Closer to Australia

Country's entire South Island moves a foot westward in a matter of seconds, government geologist says.

Pakistan: Afghan Offensive Pushes Taliban Across Border

Pakistan's government raised concerns Wednesday about a U.S.-led offensive in neighboring southern Afghanistan with visiting U.S. regional envoy Richard Holbrooke.

Calls for Romania Mayor to Resign Over Nazi Uniform

An anti-Semitism monitoring organization in Romania has filed an official complaint with prosecutors against a mayor for taking part in a fashion show dressed as a Nazi officer and wearing a swastika.

Global Health Officials Mull How to Slow Swine Flu

There's a global effort to slow the spread of swine flu until a vaccine is ready, although experts are divided on whether the measures will work.

Study: Many Doctors View Obese Patients Negatively

In at least one large New York City healthcare network, more than 40 percent of doctors have a "negative reaction" to obese patients, according to a new study.

NFL Looks Into Allegations Against Roethlisberger

A woman has filed a bombshell lawsuit saying Roethlisberger raped her in a hotel penthouse a year ago, a claim he vehemently denies.

Mumbai Gunman Says He's Ready for Gallows

The lone surviving gunman in the Mumbai attacks said Wednesday that he is ready to go to the gallows and wants no mercy from the court for his role in one of India's worst terrorist acts, which left 166 people dead.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Humiliated Over VP Choice

Iran's semi-official media are reporting that Iran's supreme leader has ordered the president, a close ally, to dismiss the vice president he chose last week.