Air France Pilots Demand Probe Into Speed Sensors

Air France pilots have asked French crash investigators for details of the airline's past problems with the speed sensors suspected of being a factor in the crash of Air France Flight 447.

Ex-Figure Skater Bobek Out of Jail After Meth Ring Arrest

Former U.S. figure skating champ Nicole Bobek is out of a New Jersey jail but not out of trouble.

Hayden Versus Mean Girls: School Woes for Actress

'Heroes' starlet Hayden Panettiere is stalked by paparazzi, harassed by fans, and punched in the face by mean girls. A little sympathy for the cheerleader, people?

Court Ordered to Return Ruth Madoff's Passport

A federal judge ordered the court system to return Ruth Madoff's passport.

China Vows Executions for Rioters Behind Killings

China flooded the capital of western Xinjiang province with security forces Wednesday after ethnic riots left at least 156 dead. The city's Communist Party boss promised those behind the killings would be executed.

D.C. Metro Operator Suspended After He's Caught Texting

A D.C. Metro operator was suspended after he was caught texting on the job in a video posted on YouTube, just weeks before a deadly crash on the subway system killed nine people, authorities said.

Popular Children's Web Site Under Attack by Hackers

Your kids think they're feeding their online Neopet with new software. But they could be feeding your financial data to a hacker.

Michael Jackson Dermatologist Denies Giving Star Propofol

Michael Jackson's dermatologist said he had sedated the pop star in the past for painful medical procedures but had never given him dangerous sedatives like Propofol to use