Brown Didn't Want Lockerbie Bomber to Die in Jail

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is facing accuations of "double-dealing" after confidential documents were released on Tuesday revealing that Libya was told Brown wanted the Lockerbie bomber to die a free man.

Grow All of Your Food or Just Teleport It by Year 2100

Electrolux Design Lab competition finalists have conjured ideas that make food appear from thin air, grow herbs on Mars, clean clothes you're wearing, photocopy meals, and grow a steak.

Giant Blaze Outside L.A. Portends Raging Fire Season

The worst fires typically flare up in the fall, when ferocious Santa Ana winds can drive fires out of wilderness areas and into suburbs. As a result, Southern California could be in for a long wildfire season

Popular Arab TV Program Exposes the Real Al Qaeda

"Death Making" the TV program on the pan-Arabic satellite channel Al Arabiya reveals the real side of Al Qeada and its foot soldiers.

Group: Court Erred in Removing Girl from Home School

A New Hampshire court's decision to order a 10-year-old home-schooled girl to attend public school is coming under attack from some social conservatives and religious-freedom advocates.

CIA: No More Airing Secrets

Agency defies court deadline, saying it can't turn over more interrogation papers without spilling classified info

LA shrimpers are getting answers

Governor Bobby Jindal has heard the concerns of Louisiana shrimpers...

Lockerbie Letters: No Reason Not to Release Bomber

Newly released documents show Britain's Foreign Office advised Scotland there was no legal barrier — or promise to the United States — to prevent the return of the Pan Am Flight 103 bomber to his native Libya.

H1N1: You Have Questions, We Have Answers

We try to simplify the confusion surrounding the H1N1 virus and the vaccine for it, which will be availble this fall.