Va. Nudist Camp to Stage Largest Simultaneous Skinny Dip

Virginia's only nudist camp is doing its part to help stage the nation's largest simultaneous skinny dip this weekend.

Moms With Kids Find Body Hanging in Ohio Playground

Police say two women bringing young children to an Ohio park found the body of man hanging from playground equipment.

Wireless Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationers

Cybercriminals have begun targeting travelers by creating phony Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, in hotels, even aboard jet airliners.

Pop Tarts: MJ's Lavish Lifestyle and Car Compulsion

Aside from forking out funds to support his lavish lifestyle with private planes, zoo animals, fantasy rides, antiques, hotels and personal staff, court papers from his 2000 divorce with Debbie Rowe also reveal that MJ had a "thing" for cars.

GM Emerges from Bankruptcy

The new General Motors will be far faster and more responsive to customers than the old one, and it will make money and repay government loans faster than required, CEO Fritz Henderson said Friday as the company emerged from bankruptcy protection.

Woman Shot in Leg by Bathroom Stall Neighbor

A Florida woman sitting in a bathroom stall was shot in the leg by a woman in the next stall over when her gun fell and accidentally fired.

New York Times Says Magazine Photos Manipulated

New York Times inadvertently published digitally manipulated photographs in latest issue of its Sunday magazine, the newspaper says.

Study: 1 in 3 Breast Cancer Patients Overtreated

One in three breast cancer patients identified in public screening programs may be treated unnecessarily, an analysis of cancer trends in five countries suggests.

400,000 to Be Relocated After Quake in China

More than 400,000 people need to be relocated after an earthquake rocked southwestern China, destroying thousands of homes, state media said Friday.

'Frank' Talks at the Vatican

White House says it expects 'frank' but constructive talks in Obama's meeting today with Pope Benedict XVI• PHOTOS: Obama Raises Eyebrows at G-8 Photo Op