Dad of 'Idol's' David Archuleta Busted in Hooker Ring

Backstage meddling has caught up with "American Idol" favorite David Archuleta's dad, who's been banned from rehearsals, a person working for the TV talent contest said Friday.

Critics Blast 'Outrageous' ABC

ABC News' refusal to accept ads opposing Obama's health plan draws fire, study slams network's coverage

Court Says Convicts Don't Have Right to Test DNA

The Supreme Court said Thursday that convicts have no constitutional right to test DNA evidence in hopes of proving their innocence long after they were found guilty of a crime.

Porn Star Sasha Grey's Sex Scenes Cut in Soderbergh's 'The G

Director also says he's 'running out of ideas,' may retire in five years

Apparent Minnesota Tornado Leaves Path of Destruction

Daylight Thursday revealed a path of destruction left by an apparent tornado in Austin where vehicles were tossed about, homes were heavily damaged and power lines were knocked down.

Cher Speaks Out About Daughter's Sex Change

Cher says despite questioning her daughter Chastity's decision to become Chaz, she will support the surgery

Continental Pilot Dies on Flight From Brussels to Newark

The captain of a Continental Airlines flight en route from Brussels to Newark died during the trip, but the flight landed safely with two co-pilots at the controls.

Anna Paquin's All Grown Up in July Issue of 'Self'

She won an Oscar when she was 11, now the "True Blood" star is getting used to even more exposure

Canseco to Sue MLB and Union for Steroids Backlash

Jose Canseco plans to file a class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the players’ association, saying he’s been ostracized for going public with his stories of steroids use.