Woman robs bank in New Iberia

A Capital One Bank in New Iberia was robbed this morning. A woman reportedly walked into the bank and handed the teller a note demanding six thousand dollars. The robber told the teller not to scream or call the police, or she would kill her.

Passports Linked to 9/11 Found in Pakistan

Soldiers battling their way into a Taliban stronghold along the Afghan border seized passports that may be linked to 9/11 suspects, as they confront an enemy skilled in operating in a mountainous terrain with endless ways to wage a guerrilla war.

Musician Taylor Mitchell Dies After Coyote Attack

A 19-year-old folk musician dies after being attacked by two coyotes

Fox News Communicates With Pirates Holding Brits Hostage

Fox News communicated via satellite phone with one of the pirates holding the British couple hostage on a cargo ship off the coast of Somalia on Thursday.

Police Probe Shot Fired at Home of CNN's Lou Dobbs

A gunshot was fired at the New Jersey home of CNN's Lou Dobbs after a series of threatening phone calls earlier this month, the host told listeners on his nationally-syndicated radio show.

Clinton in Testy Exchange With Students

In lively give-and-take with Pakistani students, secretary of state says inaction comparable to giving up to terrorists

Investigators declare murders work of serial killer

JENNINGS — Officers investigating the death of eight Jefferson Parish woman have officially called the murders the work of serial killer. Investigators say all the victims likely knew one another, hung out in the same area and were known to

Former LA Governor Dave Treen Dead at 81

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Former Louisiana Gov.

Iran Gives IAEA 'Initial Response' on Nuke Proposal

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday it has Iran's 'initial response' on a U.N.-drafted proposal to ship enriched uranium abroad.