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Who Profits from UN Aid to North Korea?

Questions have been raised over the exorbitant cost the United Nations' is spending on shipping to bring aid into North Korea.

Pakistan: New Nuclear Arms Race Possible With Launching of I

Pakistan warned Monday of a new nuclear arms race after India launched its first homegrown nuclear submarine, joining only five other countries that have developed such vessels.

Michael Vick Reinstated by the NFL

Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated by the NFL.

Crunch Time for the Dems

House Democrats enter critical negotiating session as party leaders try to prevent internal tensions from indefinitely delaying action on heath care overhaul

Feared Hackers Call Off Attack on AT&T

A rare moment of civility broke out on the Internet Monday, as the troublemaking geeks of 4chan.org called off a planned attack on telecommunications giant AT&T.

Report: Hamas Summer Campers Re-Enact Abduction of Israeli S

Palestinian children are being indoctrinated at Hamas summer camps where they have re-enacted the abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit — all while top Hamas officials have looked happily on, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Shuttle Astronauts Go Out On Last Spacewalk of Mission

After a week-and-a-half together, astronauts aboard the linked shuttle and station are taking their last spacewalk.

Israel's Barak: 'No Option' Is Off the Table on Iran

Israel dug in its heels Monday in a disagreement with the United States over a potential military strike to thwart Iran's progress toward a possible nuclear weapon, as the visiting American defense chief urged patience.

Sarah Exits, Stage Right

Palin steps down as Alaska's governor 17 months early, but not without blasting the media on the way out

Police Seek Answers After Wrong-Way Crashes Kill 8

Authorities are trying to determine how a woman driving a minivan carrying two of her children and three young nieces got onto a suburban parkway heading in the wrong direction, leading to a fiery crash that killed eight people