Teen Misses School Trip Due to Dog-Chewed Passport

A Wisconsin teen missed his class trip to Peru with an age-old excuse: his dog really did eat his passport.

Michael Jackson Looked Fit, Energetic in Grueling Final Perf

In photos from the rehearsal just released, Jackson appears fit, and looks no different than he did in any of the performances that made the singer the King of Pop

Chris Ivery Parties Without Ellen Pompeo ... Or His Ring

Record producer Chris Ivery and 'Grey's Anatomy' starlet Ellen Pompeo have only been married since November 2007, but have things already gone sour between the two Hollywood lovers?

Student Sentenced to Five to 23 Months for Tasering Cop

A western Pennsylvania university student will serve five to 23 months in jail for grabbing a police officer's Taser gun and shooting her with it while she was trying to arrest him.

New Brain-Wave Toy Lets You Do 'Jedi Mind Trick'

Later this summer, anybody anywhere will have the ability to physically move stuff with their minds like characters do in 'Star Wars.' No joke.

Michael Jackson's Oldest Son Was Set to Perform With Him Dur

Longtime family biographer reveals MJ had been working behind the scenes with eldest son to prepare him to sing and dance on stage

Argentina First Couple Warns of 'Chaos' After Blow at Polls

Argentina's president expressed defiance Monday after voters took away the ruling party's edge in Congress.

Bond on a Budget, Aston Martin to Build Minicar

The Aston Martin Cygnet — a new “luxury commuter concept” car, according to its marketeers — is to be built on the base of a Toyota subcompact+

FDA Finds E. Coli in Nestle Cookie Dough Sample

The Food and Drug Administration said Monday a sample of raw cookie dough collected at a Nestle USA manufacturing plant last week has tested positive for E. coli.

Men Told Have Sex Daily to Boost Sperm Quality, Fertility

Daily sex can improve the genetic quality of a man’s sperm and could enhance his chances of fathering a child, new research has suggested.