Son's Arrest the Latest Chapter in Porn Family Saga

The days before he was arrested for beating his ex-girlfriend to death and kidnapping their daughter brought a string of bad news to James "Rafe" Mitchell, the son of late San Francisco pornography mogul Jim Mitchell.

Police Probe Why S.C. Serial Killer Freed From Jail

A North Carolina parole officer overloaded with cases should not be blamed for failing to tell jail officers to keep behind bars a career criminal who later killed five people, authorities said Tuesday.

Pickens Continues Drive for New Energy Resources

T. Boone Pickens creates plan for a number of changes such as investing in wind and solar energy, rebuilding the country's electrical grid and replacing gasoline with natural gas in cars and trucks.

Animal Rights Group Blasts Senator's Plan for Python Hunts

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is calling for tens of thousands of pythons believed to be in the Everglades to be hunted and killed, a move questioned by animal rights advocates.

NYC Bank Heist Makes For An Unexpected Tweet

"So tired today," Annemarie Dooling tweeted early Tuesday. "really really tired. ugh." A couple of hours later, things really really picked up.

Sotomayor Hearing

WASHINGTON (AP) - Judge Sonia Sotomayor is assuring senators she'll be guided by the law and the Constitution if confirmed to the Supreme Court, not her Hispanic heritage.

Southwest Inspection

DALLAS (AP) - Southwest Airlines has inspected nearly 200 planes and put them back in the sky today.