Michigan Man Surprised He Isn't Kidnapped Child

A Michigan man says he was "stunned" to learn DNA testing disproved his suspicion that he was kidnapped as a toddler in New York state in 1955.

Pilot on Military Jet Dies After Training Mission Crash

Military officials say a pilot has died in an F-16 crash at the Utah Test and Training Range in the state's west desert.

Fla. Woman Hid Dead Mother's Body, Collected Benefits

A Florida woman accused of hiding her dead mother's body and collecting federal benefits for six years has pleaded guilty to a theft charge.

Kansas Teacher With Conservative Views Gets Job Back

A high school teacher in Kansas who claimed his contract was not renewed due to his conservative political views has been reinstated.

The Most Notorious Celebrity Apologies

Letterman isn't the first celeb to put his foot in his mouth and cause a stir — here are some of the most notorious celebrity apologies

Lawyer Pushes 12-Year Prison Sentence for Madoff

Bernard Madoff's lawyer has told a judge scheduled to sentence the disgraced financier next week that 12 years in prison would be sufficient punishment for the man who swindled tens of billions of investors' dollars in one of history's biggest frauds

Scientists Discover Least Inhabited Place on Earth

The seafloor sediments in the middle of the South Pacific have fewer living cells than anywhere else measured, a new study found.

Megan Fox Suffers Anxiety Attacks Seeing Herself On Screen

Why does Hollywood's hottest leading lady find herself in a state of panic when she sees herself on screen?

3 Adults, Toddler Found Dead at Kansas Home

Authorities conducting homicide probe after three adults, toddler found dead at Kansas City home.