Demerol: Did It Cause Michael Jackson's Death?

The painkiller Demerol can be summed up in just a few words: Highly addictive with a slew of side effects. It's also the same drug that is rumored to have been given to Michael Jackson in the moments before he "collapsed and stopped breathing."

Secretary Charged With Altering Daughter's Grades

A high school secretary altered her daughter's grades in a school computer system to improve her daughter's class standing.

Mom on Lam With Missing 4-Year-Old Waives Extradition

The mother of the 4-year-old girl who was the focus of a nationwide search until found at Morning Star Ranch, a retreat and rehabilitation center in Valley Center, Calif., earlier this week, agreed Thursday to be returned to Ohio.

Climate Bill Narrowly Passes

House passes sweeping bill mandating cleaner — and more costly — energy in mostly partisan vote

Man Suspected in Porn Model Murder in U.S. Custody

A man suspected of murdering a Kansas college student who led a secret life as an Internet porn model is in custody after his extradition from Mexico.

'Clark Rockefeller' Fights Kidnapping, Assault Convictions

Lawyers for the German-born man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller are asking a Boston judge to throw out his kidnapping and assault convictions.

Aussie Teen Paid Thousands After he Falls off Bunk Bed

An Australian teenager who fractured his skull after falling off a bunk bed at a sleepover has been awarded almost $693,395 in damages.

Woman's Head, Arms Found in Ohio Suspect's Freezer

An Ohio coroner says the head and arms of a woman were found in the freezer of the man charged with killing her.

Sanford's Gal

Video from 2001 shows 'Maria,' the woman at the heart of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's affair scandal