NFL Week 12: What we learned

Dennis Dixon's inexperience doesn't hurt the Steelers vs. the Ravens ... until the OT.

BCS title game still could have outsider

TCU and Cincinnati are outside looking in on the national title game, but not that far outside, CFN says.

Banged-up Steelers fall to Ravens in OT

Without Big Ben, the Steelers hang with the Ravens for 4 quarters, but his backup throws a key pick and the Ravens win in OT.

LIVE: Banged-up Steelers battle Ravens

The Steelers are coping without Big Ben. Can they beat the Ravens with a new QB? Follow it LIVE.

Texans are finished, because they can't finish

Ironically, it's because the Texans can't finish. The biggest difference between Indy and Houston?

Video: Did Frank really deserve blame for Nets?

Between all the injuries and the salary dumping, Randy Hill isn't sure Lawrence Frank was really to blame for the Nets' 0-16 start.