Tiger Woods comments on recent events

UNDATED - Tiger woods issued the following comments on his website Wednesday.

Seriously, Tiger ... what were you thinking?

Tiger Woods may have copped to his transgressions, but Robert Lusetich is still wondering ...

Notre Dame AD amping up search as rumors fly

As Notre Dame continues to search for its next head coach, the list of potential candidates is starting to narrow. Athletic director Jack Swarbrick said Wednesday that there are far more people being mentioned for the school's head coaching job than

Kriegel accepts Tiger's apologies

While Tiger is expressing his regrets, Mark Kriegel says acknowledging his failings makes Woods more likeable.

The most memorable stories of 2009

It began with a punch, and it's ending with Notre Dame firing its head coach.

Artest: 'I used to drink Hennessy at halftime'

Some athletes drink Gatorade, others prefer water. Ron Artest once had his own unique halftime beverage of choice.

The College Experiment

Our own Hot Girl on Campus had a run-in with a "Tiger" this season.

NFL Third Quarter Report: How things have changed

Plenty has changed since his midseason report, but Alex Marvez says the fight for the MVP has always been a three-way battle.