Televangelist Oral Roberts dies

TULSA, Okla - Oral Roberts, the evangelist who rose from humble tent revivals to found a multimillion-dollar ministry and a university bearing his name, died Tuesday. He was 91.

Holmgren meets with Browns for a second day

Former Seattle and Green Bay coach Mike Holmgren is spending his second day meeting with the Cleveland Browns about running their football operations. A person familiar with the meetings told The Associated Press that Holmgren visited with the Brown

Big Ten plans statement on possible expansion

The Big Ten says it plans to make an announcement regarding the possibility of expanding the 11-team conference. Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman said that a 3 p.m. announcement Tuesday regarding what he called "potential expansion" is planned.

50 million blinds recalled by government

WASHINGTON — The government and the window covering industry on Tuesday recalled more than 50 million Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds because of the risk children may be strangled by the cords.

Power Rankings: Bad break for Lakers

The Lakers lose their grip on No.

Sugar cane content down from heavy rains

Wet weather has cut into the quality of this year's sugar cane crop in southern Louisiana. Officials say the sugar cane content is expected to drop by 10 percent.

Having Lee and Halladay too much to ask

It seems like the Phillies could have had Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay. Ken Rosenthal explains why it wouldn't work.

Another cousin for Obama: Warren Buffett

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama, who won political support and has sought advice from investment guru Warren Buffett, may now feel even closer to the world's second richest man.

Coach Speak: A Dash of excitement

Chris Johnson has emerged as maybe the NFL's most explosive player. Brian Billick and Co.