Chiefs' Haley: Weis would be 'good fit' as O coordinator

All signs are pointing toward former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis becoming offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mastermind returns for a shot with Redskins

Mike Shanahan was the 'mastermind' in Denver. Can he restore respect to the Redskins?

Like Dawson, time's on Alomar's side

The 'Hawk' is the only player in the 2010 Hall class, but it's not all bad news for the also-rans.

Agent: Browns' Cribbs set to holdout unless he gets new deal

There is new team leadership in Cleveland but the same old contract problems remain with star kick returner Joshua Cribbs.

Schwarzenegger wants more federal money for California

SACRAMENTO, California - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vowed to pry more dollars from the federal government, which he said took more than it gave, but left details on how to close a $19.9 b

Star could wipe out Earth

A STAR primed to explode in a blast that could wipe out the Earth was revealed by astronomers yesterday.

One in 5 ex-Guantanamo detainees joining militants

WASHINGTON – A classified Pentagon assessment shows one in five detainees released from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay has joined or is suspected of joining militant groups like al Qaeda, U.S.

Welker will not return for Pats in postseason

Wes Welker's season is officially over now that he's been placed on injured reserve.