Caught in the Web: Boise State football players get their fill

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Bruins get OT win at Fenway Classic

The Bruins come from behind to win the Winter Classic in Boston's Fenway Park in overtime.

Bowden wins final game at FSU

Bobby Bowden watched the clock run down to :00, then took his last walk to midfield as his Florida State players jumped up and down, thrusting their helmets into the air.

Winter Classic at Fenway

It was definitely a classic at Fenway Park between the Bruins and Flyers. Check out all the action.

Bucked trend: Ohio State ends BCS slump, wins Rose Bowl

Ohio State avoids BCS whammy, beats Oregon in Rose Bowl.

Reports: Leach says he didn't mistreat player

Speaking for the first time since his dismissal, former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach denies mistreating player.