Ebola outbreak in the West: Why some survive, some don't

  There's no cure for Ebola. So why have some patients walked away healthy while others in the West died?

Stepped-up effort to replace exploding airbags

Federal safety regulators and Toyota Motor are stepping up efforts to get car owners to bring in cars whose airbags might explode, sending metal fragments into the driver and other passengers.

Report: Michael Brown's blood found on Officer Darren Wilson's gun, car door

Forensic tests have found the blood of Michael Brown on the gun, uniform and police cruiser belonging to Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot the unarmed teen two months ago in Ferguson, Missouri, The New York Times reported.

Mother wants 'Breaking Bad' figures removed from Toys R Us

 "Breaking Bad's" Walter White may have cleverly dodged authorities during his career as a drug kingpin, but his action figure hasn't dodged the wrath of a Florida mother.

12 best meat cities in America

(CNN) -- With the possible exception of smartphone technology, nothing's seen more practical advances this millennium than food.

Coach Hud Calls On Fans for Tuesday Night Game

It's another Tuesday night football game for Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns but this time it's a home game at Cajun Field.

Record Amount of Citizens Show Up to Dispose of Chemicals

Records were broken at Cajun Field this past Saturday, but not on the football field.

High School Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

Last week we showed you students who participating in Louisiana’s College Application Week and graduating students continue to prepare for their life after high school.

Third Annual Bayou Vermilion Festival and Boat Parade Has Large Turnout

Boats of every shape and size made their way down the Vermilion River yesterday afternoon as the Bayou Vermilion District worked to raise recreational awareness for the river during the third annual Bayou Vermilion Festival and Boat Parade.

43 people cleared from Ebola monitoring in Texas

AUSTIN, TX — A group of 43 people in Texas who had contact with the state's first Ebola patient have been cleared from twice-daily monitoring after reaching the 21-day mark, the longest incubation period for the disease.