Judge orders Wade's wife to court

A judge in Chicago says if basketball star Dwyane Wade's wife doesn't show up for her divorce hearing, she will order law enforcement to take her to court.

'Funnel box' fails in Gulf

LAFAYETTE - The 100-ton box designed to funnel oil in the Gulf failed this weekend. Officials say the water was so cold that the structure began to freeze over with ice crystals encasing it. The crisis in the gulf has cost British Petroleum ove

Lacrosse field set for NCAA tourney

The Virginia lacrosse teams both anticipated playing for a national championship this month.

Canucks force Game 6 with Blackhawks

Roberto Luongo and the Canucks halt the Blackhawks and force Game 6.

Clark finally arrives as Tiger departs

Tiger admits defeat at Sawgrass

Canucks force Blackhawks to Game 6

The Canucks start fast and force the Blackhawks to a Game 6.