Lafayette Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit Arrest Suspect in Juvenile Case

The Lafayette Police Department’s Cyber Crimes Unit have been conducting an undercover operation targeting sexual predators.

Money for tourism on the chopping block

The money for tourism is also facing the chopping block and the lietenant governor is not happy about it. The current budget plan denies $13 million to two of the state's tourism funds.

Oil shows up on shoreline west of Grand Isle

UPDATED -- Oil cleanup near Grand Isle continued last night. That was after a leak was found off shore over the weekend.

Police warn there could be a prowler on the loose

Police said early Wednesday a woman in the Floridian Flats subdivision woke up to a man crawling on her floor. She told police he ran off as soon as she saw him and tried to hide his face.

Policy holders may be entitled to free money

"I'm your elected  insurance commissioner and I'm here to tell you that there's $360,000,000 on table going unclaimed by policy holders statewide.

One of Acadiana most popular sporting events has started

The Luh Triomphe Golf and Country Club is going on now and through the weekend. Golf pro's are vying for half a million dollars in prize money.

New information on BP oil rig explosion

It has been nearly a year after the BP oil rig explosion. There is new information into what happened.

Redrawing Louisiana's district lines heats up!

The fight to redraw Louisiana's district lines is heating up and has went viral.

Lawmakers are hoping to up penalties for sex offenders

The maximum penalty for someone who sexually abuses the elderly, the handicapped, or the mentally disabled is only ten years in prison. State Representative Mack "Bodi" White wants to change those laws.

Lafayette man arrested for exposing himself

A Lafayette man arrested yesterday for exposing himself to who he thought was a child on the internet. Police said Allen Desormeaux, 30, actually got naked on his webcam for undercover cops.