Jindal approves protective wall of sand

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved Governor Jindal's $350 million plan to create a wall of sand along the coast. Officials say It is to keep crude from creeping into the marsh.

DOTD Issues Memorial Day Travel Advisory


Fewer School Arrests Reported

LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) - Members of the Lafayette Police Department's School Resource Officers Unit report 36 fewer arrests for the school year of 2009-10 from the previous year.  

Oil dispersant making workers sick

As crews work to cleanup the nasty spill, many are starting to get sick.

New deepwater permits put on hold nationwide

President Obama has put a hold on all new deepwater oil drilling permits. The freeze could last as long as six months, while the investigation of the exploded rig continues.

BP attempting 'top kill' maneuver

A lot is riding on British Petroleum as crews work to carry out the 'top kill' maneuver. The technique involves shooting thousands of pounds of heavy mud into a five-story stack of pipes to clog the well.

Carencro guidance counselor put on paid leave

Drug agents recently arrested a Carencro Middle School guidance counselor. Kenny Broussard faces a list of charges including bringing drugs near a school zone.

BP and EPA clash over cleanup

The feds and BP continue to clash on how to handle cleanup efforts. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency told British Petroleum to stop dumping a chemical dispersant into the water, calling it a health hazard.

Franklin Parish considers switch to four day weeks.

The Franklin Parish school system is considering a switch to a four day week. The board is looking into the matter, as it could save money.

States fight to save wildlife

Louisiana wildlife is taking a heavy hit due to the Gulf spill. Marine birds have especially been burdened by the massive spill and wildlife centers have been doing their best to find and rescue them.