It's back to work for Louisiana lawmakers

The 2011 Legislative Sessions started at noon Friday It runs through to June 23rd up until 6:00 pm. The house has already prefiled almost 600 different bills. The senate has prefiled just over 250.

Should Louisiana drivers be allowed to use their cell phones while driving?

Representative Austin Badon of New Orleans wants to make that illegal. Badon thinks people should only be able to talk on their phones while on the road if they are using a Bluetooth or wireless device.

More rallies to legalize marijuana to come

There are more rallies in the works for those in favor of legalizing marijuana in Louisiana. A rally was held in Lafayette on Wednesday but it was disappointing to organizers.

People around the world celebrate Earth Day on Good Friday

This year's Earth Day was used as platform to educate others about the important enviromental issues facing our planet.

BP is suing Cameron International

Updated -- BP is suing Transocean the owner of the rig, Halliburton who laid the well's cement, and Cameron the maker of its failed blow out preventer for billions.

Casino winnings go towards child support

Louisiana casino goers will not be able to take home any jackpots if they owe child support!

Important information for iPhone or iPad users

A recently found hidden feature allows the devices to know exactly where you are at all times. The phone actually records the GPS data every four hours and then it is stored for years!

Funeral for Coach Shipley is today

A beloved member of the UL family will be laid to rest today. Coach Beryl Shipley's funeral is scheduled for 12:00 noon today at The First Baptist Church of Lafayette.

Crawfish in demand this weekend

If you are looking to get your hands on some mudbugs this weekend, good luck.

Yesterday marked one year since the explosion of Deepwater Horizon

A year ago yesterday, The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Dramatically changing thousands of lives in an instant.