Louisana Continues To Battle Against The Flood

Fifteen gates at the Morganza Spillway are open. A wall of water is now flowing there at a rate of more than 100,000 cubic feet per second. That is a rate greater than that of Niagara Falls.

Butte La Rose Flood Water Continues To Rise

Yesterday the water level was was almost at 21 feet. The news gets worse! The river has not crested yet and residents are expecting another six feet by next week. This puts them at risk for a major flood.

Lafourche Parish Still In A State of Emergency

Small towns a little further south have been given a little extra time to prepare as the water heads towards them. The Army Corps of Engineers said the surge from the spillway is moving much slower than expected.

Some People Refuse To Leave Flood Zone

Many people are fearing looters more than the rising water! That is why some resident are refusing to evacuate!

Old Oak Tree Uprooted In New Iberia Yesterday

A 150 year old oak tree that has been given the name, Al, was uprooted and hoisted onto a trailer The tree was taken for a ride a mile and a half down the road.

Fox 15 Held Finals For X-Factor Yesterday

X-Factor is Simon Cowell's new show. Yesterday the Fox 15 team along with radio station big 1021 picked Katelyn Stelly, Koryn Hawthorne, Ann Marie Richardson, and Jennifer Arceneaux to move on.

Al Qaeda May Have A New Caretaker

A top Al Qaeda analyst believes Saif Al Adel is serving as interim caretaker for the terrorist group after Osama Bin Laden's death.

Flooding Increases Wild Animal Sightings

Yesterday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rescued a drowning doe from the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

Port of New Orleans Remains Open

Water is moving very quickly and water level is very high at this time. This is making it very difficult for people to navigate. Officials are warning operators to take their time.  

Sand Boils Become Problem For Baton Rouge

That is one of the reasons the Department of Public Works said they are still keeping a very close eye on the levee. The department has spent the last several weeks inspecting the entire levee system.